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        "Juyuan" brand polyamide resin is sold at home and abroad

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        With the development of printing, plastic packaging and decorative culture, high-grade special-purpose plastic printing inks have developed rapidly. Alcohol-soluble polyamide resin is the main raw material for preparing flexible printing ink. Various high-quality plastic printing inks can be prepared by adding appropriate amount of pigments and additives. At present, alcohol-soluble polyamide resin is substituted for benzene-soluble polyamide resin in the international market. The product is more environmentally friendly. Anqing Juyuan Polymer Material Technology Co., Ltd. introduces international advanced molecular distillation equipment, and the production of "Juyuan" brand alcohol-soluble polyamide resin has strong advantages in the market. "Juyuan" brand alcohol-soluble polyamide resin is prepared. The ink has high gloss, good bonding performance, excellent alcohol dilution, low gelation, quick drying and excellent flexibility. It is widely used in the field of gravure and flexographic plastic film printing environmentally friendly inks. Affordable by customers! Anqing Juyuan Company has won the title of Anhui Provincial High-tech Enterprise for many times and stood out in the fierce market competition.
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