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        Where is the way out for China's coatings industry?

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          In 2008, affected by factors such as the US subprime mortgage crisis, the implementation of the EU REACH regulations, and the state's macroeconomic regulation and control, the domestic real estate industry and the furniture industry were generally sluggish, and related industries such as architectural coatings and furniture coatings also fell into a low tide. Even Guangdong paint, which is at the forefront of the domestic coatings industry and dominates the Chinese coatings market, is not very optimistic. The growth of both architectural coatings and furniture coatings is far less than before. The "national inspection-free products" caused by the "Sanlu" milk powder incident in the previous period was banned, which made the coating enterprises wearing "national inspection-free products" and even "Chinese famous brands" and "China famous trademarks" garlands also face market dilemma. In the face of many difficulties, where is the Chinese paint industry?

          Learn and practice internal strength
          As the saying goes, sharpening the knife does not mistake the woodworker. Small enterprises must develop, medium-sized enterprises must grow, large enterprises must maintain, all need to learn, and practice internal strength. If technicians can't build cars behind closed doors, they need to learn advanced technology. Managers can't stick to the old management model and need to learn cutting-edge management methods. The performance of marketers can't be stagnant, and they need to improve sales skills and market analysis capabilities.

          To learn, you need to go out. At present, many universities, training institutions, and consulting management companies have responded to market demands and have introduced a series of technical and management training courses. The universities and institutions that organize training are diverse, and the quality of the courses is also uneven. For example, some professors and experts are very good at eloquence. They are eloquent and eloquent in class, but they are very poor in actual combat. There is often no good solution to the practical problems encountered by enterprises in their daily lives. Therefore, practical experts who have experience in corporate management are often better than some well-known theoretical experts.

          In addition, for executives of coatings companies, it is often beneficial to receive EMBA training. It has certain help to improve the ability, quality, thinking and leadership of the trainers. Of course, learning from peers in a variety of ways is more immediate. However, it should be noted that whatever is learned through what means, it needs to be linked to its own reality. What suits you is the best.

          Realize informationization and comprehensively improve management

          Comprehensive improvement of management and enterprise informationization are the most effective and long-term methods. At present, the scale, economic strength and technical capability of coatings companies are no longer the main conditions for judging their success in market competition. The degree of information application has become a favorable weapon for enterprises in market competition. Whether the coatings enterprises realize informationization is closely related to the improvement of comprehensive capabilities such as operating profit, internal operation management and industrial technology optimization. For example, companies that have cited ERP management systems in the coatings industry, such as China Resources, Zhujiang Chemical, and Xiupo, have very good management, information circulation and financial mechanisms, and comprehensively improve their management and solve the production and supply chain in enterprises. The core issues of supply and marketing have taken a considerable role.

          The first solution is the problem of the coatings supply chain. By implementing informationization and using the management system, it is possible to prevent the flow of sales personnel from causing a large number of customers to lose; to reduce the information delay and the probability of errors in the work; to understand the operation of the company more clearly, the financial budget is more accurate, and the decision is more rational and real-time; The management of customer files and sales personnel's tracking records is more perfect, reducing the turnover rate of customers.

          The second is to solve the production problems of coatings companies. After the implementation of information management, the functions of the production management department can be fully utilized, and the raw materials can be purchased in a planned manner, and the production can be carried out in a planned manner, and the raw materials can be used according to the standard, so that the inventory of the raw materials can be reduced to the minimum in the case of ensuring production. Reduce the production of dead materials, stagnant materials and waste, and the performance of the production line is directly linked to the output value. In this way, the arrangement and dispatching of the production plan of the enterprise will be more scientific and reasonable, and the cost of raw materials will also be controlled, which will help the company to develop towards standardization.
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