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        Physicochemical properties and main uses of dimer acid

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          Physicochemical properties

          Dimer acid, usually referred to as a dimerized fatty acid, is a complex mixture of ingredients named after the main component contains two carboxylic acid groups. It is obtained by mutually polymerizing unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. Dimer acid has excellent thermal stability and maintains fluidity over a wide temperature range.

          The main purpose

          Has been widely used in the field of synthetic printed circuit board materials, ink manufacturing, rocket engine materials. The higher purity dimer acid is a light yellow viscous liquid, and the lower purity dimer acid is a reddish brown viscous liquid. Usually, the vegetable oil foot is used as a raw material to obtain a crude product under high temperature and high pressure reaction under the action of a catalyst, and then subjected to molecular distillation treatment. Get pure.
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