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        Polyamide resin (benzene soluble type)

        Polyamide resin (benzene soluble type)

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          [product description]

        Benzene-soluble polyamide resin is a chemical raw material with excellent performance and is widely used in inks, heat-sensitive adhesives and coatings. <Juyuan> brand benzene soluble polyamide resin, using high quality raw materials, using unique production formula and advanced synthetic technology. It has good solubility in benzene alcohol mixed solvent; it is convenient, time-saving, no odor, good fluidity, high printing fastness, good ink printing adaptability and bright color. In winter, the printing is quick and quick, and the operation is convenient; in summer, no adhesion or peeling occurs.

          [Product Features]

          Excellent flexibility, the ink has excellent adhesion.
          Excellent frost resistance makes it difficult to gel when the ink is cold.
          Excellent gloss and pigment wetting.

          [Product Usage]

        Intaglio printing ink; paper, film printing ink; varnish, etc.

          [Packing specification]

        Two-in-one paper-plastic composite bag with a net weight of 25Kg/bag.
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