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        Dimer acid

        Dimer acid

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          [product description]

        Dimer acid is a transparent, silky liquid, a long-chain, multifunctional polymeric fatty acid formed by the polymerization of unsaturated C18 fatty acids. "Juyuan" brand dimer acid is a high-purity dicarboxylic acid product made from refined cotton and soybean oleic acid using advanced polymerization technology and molecular distillation technology. It has stable performance under certain temperature conditions. It is toxic, non-volatile, flash point, high ignition point, low temperature and non-freezing. It can improve the flexibility, elasticity and hydrophobicity of various polymers and is widely used in practical applications.

          [Product Usage]

          A、Dimer acid and amine can produce a variety of polyamides of different molecular weights with the participation of different amounts of additives (auxiliaries), and are widely used in the manufacture of plastic embossing printing inks.
          B、The dimer acid reacts with the polyamine to form a polyamide having a reactive amine group, which is widely used in the manufacture of two-component epoxy paints, curing agents and epoxy binders, and the cured product has good mechanical and electrochemical properties. In addition, it can also be used to manufacture various low temperature, low pressure special lubricants and metal processing oils.
          C、Dimer acid is used in the manufacture of hot melt adhesives, and is widely used in the manufacture of thermoplastics for electronic and electrical appliances, as well as automotive interiors and shoe materials.

          [Packing specification]

        Iron drum packaging (epoxy inner coating), net weight 185Kg / barrel
        Packed in plastic drums, net weight 190Kg/barrel, or tanker transport.
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