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        Polyamide resin (alcohol soluble)

        Polyamide resin (alcohol soluble)

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          [product description]

        The alcohol-soluble polyamide resin is a polyamide resin which can be dissolved by a single alcohol solvent. "Juyuan" brand alcohol-soluble polyamide resin is strictly in accordance with the standard in the selection process, and the requirements for the type and purity of dimer acid, the type of monoacid and the index of polyamine are very strict, and the production process is advanced. The ink prepared by the "Juyuan" brand alcohol-soluble polyamide resin has high gloss, good bonding property, excellent alcoholicity, low gelation, quick drying and good flexibility.

          [Product Features]

        Good alcohol solubility; high gloss, high adhesion.
          Superior antifreeze and anti-gel properties.
          Excellent flow and pigment wettability.

          [Product Usage]

        Flexible printing ink; gravure plastic printing ink.
          Paper gravure ink; varnish and so on.

          [Packing specification]

        Two-in-one paper-plastic composite bag with a net weight of 25Kg/bag.
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