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        Company Profile

        Anqing Juyuan Polymer Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a private technology enterprise established in 2009. Mainly engaged in the production and sales of polyamide resin (benzene soluble and alcohol soluble), dimer acid, monomeric fatty acid and other series of polymer products; the company's predecessor was established in 1996, Anqing Hongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., with the city of Anqing Economic and social development and the development needs of the company itself. In 2009, Anqing Juyuan Polymer Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the beautiful national garden city and the famous historical and cultural city of Anqing. The company is located in the Daguan Economic Development Zone. Circular Economy Industrial Park; convenient transportation of water, land and air, 206 National Highway, 105 National Highway, and 318 National Highway gather here. It is only 10 minutes drive from the entrance and exit of Anqing Yangtze River Bridge, Anqing Civil Aviation Airport, Railway Freight Station and Yangtze River Port.

          In 1999, the company was awarded the “Top Ten Private Technology Enterprises of Anqing City” by the Anqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. In 2000, it was awarded “One Hundred Strong Private Enterprises of Anqing City” by many units such as Anqing City Federation of Industry and Commerce and Economic and Trade Commission. Since 2003, it has been The People's Bank of China Anqing Branch has been awarded the honorary title of “A-level Credit Unit of Financial Trustworthy Enterprise”; now it has total assets of more than 50 million yuan, including fixed assets of more than 30 million yuan, with strong economic strength, with an annual output of various models of “Juyuan” brand series. The amide resin is 10000T, the dimer acid is 20000T, and the monomeric fatty acid is 10000T. The products have a large market share in the domestic market and are exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

          The company always abides by the business philosophy of "Quality First, Customer Supreme, Honesty Based". With its unique technical advantages, and relying on the industry's senior experts from some famous domestic and foreign scientific research institutions for technical support; further improve the technological content and products of products. The stability ensures that the product quality is always at the leading level at home and abroad; and is committed to the technical research and development of new products. Provides relevant technical support to customers in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner; the technical strength is strong enough to fully meet the needs of customers and the personalized production of customers. Service, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of the customer's products.

          The company has continued to grow and develop in the fierce market competition, and has received the full support of local governments, all walks of life and customers. We sincerely thank you for your continued progress and development. Society, return to customers, create brilliant future!

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